Home Retail Group boosts share scheme uptake

EXCLUSIVE: Through communications.


California acts to bridge gender pay gap

By passing the California Fair Pay Act.

  • Advisers & Consultants

    Advisers & Consultants

    Employee benefits consultants, corporate advisers, brokers and intermediaries advising on various area of benefits and reward

  • Childcare & Carers

    Childcare & Carers

    Offering child care in the workplace forms an important part of a family friendly policy for many employers. Childcare vouchers offered through salary sacrifice (to make the most of the tax break) is a benefit commonly offered to working parents. Beside child care voucher services, some companies also run child care services such as the onsite nursery, while emergency childcare provision is becoming increasingly popular among staff

  • Communication


    Total reward statements, social media, videos, websites, internal communications, emails, posters, mobile messages

  • Company Cars & Fleet

    Company Cars & Fleet

    Fleet management allows employers to offer company cars to employees in different forms. If not given a traditional company car, staff are likely to receive this perk as a cash allowance which they can use to lease, purchase or hire a vehicle. Employers need to choose the most appropriate solution for drivers, whether that is an employee car ownership scheme or traditional company car, or a combination of schemes to meet various needs. It is a decision that is complicated by company car tax and maintenance management, as well as health issues such as corporate manslaughter and fleet risk

  • Financial Education

    Financial Education

    Financial education helps employees to understand the value of benefits such as pensions and share schemes. Employers can help staff make wise decisions about money and investments through workplace workshops or seminars and information. Tools such as benefits modellers, meanwhile, can help staff to calculate the impact of decisions they make around particular perks, for example, when setting pension contribution levels or selecting which options to take in a flexible benefits scheme. Some companies include the added perk of personal debt management, which can help to reduce employees' stress levels and so indirectly contribute to improved performance

  • Flexible Benefits

    Flexible Benefits

    Flexible benefits schemes enable employers to allow staff to select the benefits that suit them. Known as cafeteria benefits in the USA flex is seen as a popular way to integrate benefits packages during mergers and acquisitions and at other times of company change. Flexible benefits schemes can include a wise range of options for staff to select from, including tax-efficient benefits such as childcare vouchers and mobile phones or salary sacrifice pensions contributions. The growth of technology means more providers and consultants in the market have reduced costs and bespoke flexible benefits plans have become increasingly popular as a means of offering more tailored employee choice

  • Group Risk

    Group Risk

    Next to the pension, group risk benefits such as life assurance (a type of death-in-service benefit), group accident insurance, income protection (also known as permanent health insurance or PHI), and group critical illness are the backbone of the staff benefits package. These company perks protect and insure employees in the event of long-term illness or death. They can also be used to rehabilitate staff who are off work on long term sickness absence due to stress, an accident or other illness. Group risk benefits, especially critical illness and life insurance, can also be extended to employee family members as well as the employee

  • Healthcare & Wellbeing

    Healthcare & Wellbeing

    The wellness and wellbeing perk has become an important part of company healthcare and sickness absence strategies. Health care benefits that prevent staff from falling ill include gym membership for staff, healthcare cash plans, private medical insurance (PMI), employee assistance programmes (EAP) and health screening; while absence management helps employees to return to work after spells of sickness. Health and wellbeing benefits can be part of a long-term strategy to improve the productivity, engagement and health care of staff and also drive down the amount of days off work sick their employees are taking

  • International


    Managing international benefits is complex due to different tax and employment legislation rules in different countries around the world. Each country has its own statutory benefits, while local employers will offer staff perks based on local wage and employment demands. This complexity is heightened for global reward managers who also post expatriates to foreign offices, and need to consider business travel insurance, overseas medical insurance and dealing with relocation services. Pan European pensions, international employee benefits trust, pooling and captives are the focus for international employee benefits managers with an EMEA or global remit

  • Pay, Bonus & Reward

    Pay, Bonus & Reward

    Cash pay – whether paid as a monthly salary or weekly wage – is the backbone of the reward and benefits package. With issues such as the national minimum wage, equal pay, pay strikes, income tax and national insurance contributions, the job of a compensation manager is a complex one. It is common to get compensation advice from a reward consultant. Reward consultants are able to supply salary benchmarking reports as well as advice on structuring a bonus, performance related pay, team incentives and other forms of variable compensation. To ensure these elements of variable and performance related pay meet business objectives, they need to be administered carefully. More employers are using sophisticated payroll software to achieve this

  • Pensions


    Group personal pension, auto-enrolment, default investments, defined contribution, pension contributions, salary sacrifice, final salary, stakeholder, Sipp

  • Share Schemes

    Share Schemes

    Employers can design their own employee share schemes, but most prefer to make use of favourable tax treatment available through the four Inland Revenue approved schemes: sharesave (SAYE), share incentive plan (Sip), company share option plan (Csop) and enterprise management incentive (EMI). The most popular staff option scheme in the UK is the sharesave scheme, also known as save as you earn (SAYE). Executive share option plans (including long term incentives – Ltips) are used for very senior employees.

  • Staff Motivation

    Staff Motivation

    Ensuring staff remain motivated can help to boost productivity, company loyalty and levels of engagement. While the overall organisation’s culture and quality of management are key drivers of motivation, employers can use a team building event or individual incentive, staff award and social, days out, prizes and vouchers to reward and recognise employees who achieve in the workplace. Methods of reward to motivate can include, paper reward vouchers; online accounts or reward cards and internal award ceremonies.

  • Tax Efficient Benefits

    Tax Efficient Benefits

    We provide you with up-to-date information on legislation and tax affecting employee benefits in the UK. Employee benefits legislation covers all benefits from pensions, company cars and share schemes to transfer of undertakings (TUPE) and minimum wage. Benefits tax plays a key role in shaping which benefits are offered, for example, the use of tax efficient benefits has been boosted through the use of salary sacrifice.

  • Technology & Administration

    Technology & Administration

    The benefits technology used to manage staff perks and pay, such as payroll software and benefit administration software, is becoming integrated with flexible benefits software, and often include management solution tools for sickness absence management and staff holiday scheduling in self-service suites. Sophisticated use of employee benefit administration software and payroll systems is allowing employers to mine human resource data to evaluate performance, staff behaviour, benefits selection patterns and the business benefits of perks.

  • Total Reward

    Total Reward

    Total reward strategies, pay & bonuses, workplace environment, staff learning & development, employee benefits, total reward communication

  • Voluntary Benefits

    Voluntary Benefits

    Employee Benefits - Voluntary benefits Voluntary benefits schemes enable organisations to offer extra perks, discounted products and services to the workforce at little or no extra cost to the company. These benefits are paid for by the employee, sometimes through payroll. Perks that attract an employer tax break can be offered through a salary sacrifice arrangement. It is advisable to get in a tax expert when you implement a salary sacrifice scheme.

  • Workplace Savings

    Workplace Savings

    Voluntary benefits schemes enable organisations to offer extra perks, discounted products and services to the workforce at little or no extra cost to the company. These benefits are paid for by the employee, sometimes through payroll. Perks that attract an employer tax break can be offered through a salary sacrifice arrangement. It is advisable to get in a tax expert when you implement a salary sacrifice scheme.


FTSE 350 defined benefit pension deficit falls by £7bn

Mercer research: To £78bn at the end of September.


EAT rules on pensions discrimination case

Same-sex spouse not entitled to equal pay out.


Talarius launches staff recognition portal

To reward employees’ ideas and suggestions.

sickness-fit for work-2014

31% attend work with an infectious illness

Staples research: 61% go into work when ill because of a heavy workload.

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