Budget 2012: Impact on benefits and reward

Find out how key announcements in Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget will affect benefits:

Budget 2012: Clamp down on pensions contributions via flexible benefits plans paid to family members

Budget 2012: Government to introduce single-tier state pension

Budget 2012: State pension age to be linked with longevity

Budget 2012: Government to review role of employee share ownership and double grant limit on EMI schemes

Budget 2012: Review to be held on differentiated regional public sector pay

Budget 2012: Government consultation on integrating income tax and NI due in April

Budget 2012: Delay to auto-enrolment staging dates to save government £380m

Budget 2012: Changes to qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes (Qrops)

Budget 2012: Contracting out of defined contribution pension schemes

Budget 2012: Armed forced to receive £100m housing boos

Budget 2012: Tax reliefs capped at 25% of income for high earners

Budget 2012: Changes to capital allowances for company cars

Budget 2012: 50p tax rate to be reduced to 45p

Budget 2012: Personal allowance to rise to £9,205

Budget 2012: Royal Mail Group’s pension scheme liabilities to be transferred to government

Budget 2012: Unfunded workplace pension arrangements

Budget 2012: Commuting small personal pension funds

Budget 2012: Asset-backed pension contributions

Budget 2012: Tax relief on luncheon vouchers scrapped from 2013

Budget 2012: Tax relief abolished on some group life assurance premiums

Budget 2012: Real Time Information legislation updated

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