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More than half of young women would not challenge boss on gender pay gap

Among young women in the workplace, 15% are disappointed by their employer’s efforts to tackle the gender pay gap, but more than half (53%) do not have the confidence to challenge their boss on the issue, according to research by Young Women’s Trust. The It’s (still) a rich man’s world report also found that one in […]

Tom Heys: Gender pay gap reporting for smaller employers could be problematic

While there may be certain problematic issues with the gender pay gap reporting regulations, they have been a catalyst that has prompted employers to address workplace pay inequality for women. To assess how effective the regulations have been, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee conducted an inquiry and has now made various suggestions […]

Kavitha’s keynote: Widening the net for gender pay gap reporting

Should gender pay gap reporting be extended to include organisations with 50-plus employees, rather than just those with 250 or more staff, in time for April 2020’s deadline? This is the recommendation from the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, published as part of its Gender pay gap reporting paper on 2 August. The committee […]

Committee recommends organisations with 50 employees report gender pay gap

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has recommended that the qualifying threshold for gender pay gap reporting be widened from organisations with 250 or more employees to include businesses with 50 or more staff, in time for April 2020’s reporting deadline. The recommendation forms part of the committee’s Gender pay gap reporting paper, published […]

Scott’s stance: Equal pay progression develops in wake of gender pay gap reporting

Legal action brought by law firm Leigh Day this month is once again banging the equal pay drum, as retailer Tesco comes under fire for reportedly paying primarily female store-based staff less than the predominantly male workforce at its distribution centres. As of 12 July 2018, Leigh Day has lodged 1,000 equal pay claims, with […]

BBC reduces gender pay gap and publishes culture review

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has reduced its mean gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay from 10.7% to 8.4% over the course of the last year. The updated gender pay gap figures, which have been published in alignment with the organisation’s review on workplace culture and systems around the progression of women at the […]

75% of employers believe their industry does not view the gender pay gap as a problem

Three-quarters (75%) of employer respondents believe that their industry does not perceive the gender pay gap to be a problem, according to research by global professional services organisation Lockton. Its Global benefits forum survey report polled 400 HR directors and 400 employees within multi-national organisations of over 1,000 employees with a UK head office and […]

Closing the gender pay gap: next steps and key challenges

Need to know: Diversity of gender, background, experience and opinion is key to business success, and closing the gender pay gap would have significant economic benefits for the UK. Coaching, mentoring and sponsorship of women is an important way of ensuring female employees do not get stuck in the talent pipeline. Flexible working, shared parental […]

Jonathan Swan: How flexible working can help close the gender pay gap

Many organisations are thinking about how they can close their gender pay gap. Fortunately for most, they have a powerful tool at hand in the shape of flexible working. Using flexibility strategically, as part of a wider approach to work-life balance, provides an opportunity to tackle some of the stubborn issues that underpin pay inequality. […]

BEIS committee to question employers on gender pay gap

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee is to question organisations on what actions they are taking to address the gender pay gap. The select committee was appointed by the House of Commons to examine the administration, expenditure and policy of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). This particular meeting is part […]

Joanna Mason and Anna Henderson: What is next on the to-do list for gender pay gap reporting?

Now that the dust has settled on the first gender pay gap reporting deadline, HR professionals could be forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief that the storm has passed, hopefully with little damage. Certainly, the thousands who adopted the tactic of waiting until the last minute to publish may have successfully avoided the intense […]