A glimpse into Appreciate it! with best-selling author Debra Corey

Author Name: Chloe Thompson, Head of Content Strategy at Reward Gateway

Debra Corey has had an impressive career as an award-winning HR leader, world-class speaker and thought leader. She has written four books and has been named as one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers and HR Most Influential Thinkers.

I recently sat down with the best-selling author to talk about her newest book Appreciate it!: The Playbook for Employee Recognition.

RG: When did recognition become a critical focus for you (in life, or in your job?) Is there a particular moment that stands out?

Debra: I had always taken recognition for granted, as I’d been working for companies that understood the importance of it, and thus had programmes in place to support and drive it.

It wasn’t until I joined a company that not only didn’t have any recognition programmes, but where the senior leaders didn’t understand and support them, that I saw the gap and difference it made when it was missing.

From here onwards, recognition became a focus of mine, making sure that no matter where I worked, my people felt appreciated and that we had a culture of recognition. Now that I’ve left the corporate world, I’ve continued on this mission, helping and inspiring others so that they don’t experience this problem at their company.

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