Caboodle introduce the Occupational Health employee benefit to organisations

At caboodle, we’ve partnered with industry experts Smart Clinic to introduce the Occupational Health employee benefit to our wide range of employee benefits available to organisations internationally.

This newly added employee benefit provides employees with a wide range of treatments, therapies and support to help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Through the scheme, employees have access to treatment and support to help build mental resilience as well as 24-hour support with financial, legal, health and emergency help available, among an array of other health and wellbeing support and treatment options.

The Occupational Health benefit is available digitally through the employee’s online employee benefits platform and through a dedicated app to make support as accessible as possible.

The scheme is also designed make it easy and efficient for businesses to refer employees for the right support quickly and effectively through online referrals.

All-in-all, the Occupational Health employee benefit is designed to help businesses create a happier, healthier workforce and reduce absenteeism.

For the full list of features and benefits for employees and employers, read the full press release here.