Corporate event planning: 6 ways to keep delegates engaged after your conference

Putting together a conference can be a lot of work, especially if you want to give your attendees an experience to remember. What you do after the conference to keep your delegates engaged in your company and your brand should also be a key part of your corporate event planning.

Whether the conference was to launch a new product, or boost sales, educate your staff or generate brand awareness, your corporate event planning will have required time, money and effort. It’s wise to ensure this has not just been time and money well spent, but also brings your business value, even after the event has happened.

How can you keep your delegates engaged after a conference?

The key is communication – implementing a smart communications strategy as part of your corporate event planning. There are different ways you can do this, which I’ll discuss in turn:

  • Emails
  • Data
  • Surveys
  • Newsletters
  • Website content: news, blogs and video
  • Social media

Follow up email
A good place to start is to send an email to your attendees after your conference. Ideally, the email should thank them for attending the event, for their interest in your brand and offer them a route to keep in touch. This keeps lines of communication open and offers an easier way for delegates to make further enquiries.

When putting together your emails, it’s a good idea to keep them personal, and address each one individually, including links to download content from sessions that they attended, and any offers they can access as a delegate.

Collected data
Your conference should have allowed you to collect data – about the topics discussed or the number of people attending, for instance. If so, this is the time to put it to good use.

Consider putting this data together in an email to you delegates, highlighting what it says about your conference. Delegates will have attended for a reason, so if the details of your data are in line with your event messaging, then they are likely to find it of interest.

Conference survey
Another approach to maintaining contact with your conference attendees is to run a survey, which asks them for feedback about the event. This can help in many ways, showing that:

  • You have your delegates’ best interest at heart
  • You’re a company that listens to its customers
  • Your customers’ opinions matters to you
  • It can also help with your corporate event ideas, making your conferences more successful in the future

Company newsletter
Putting together a digital newsletter, which you can email to your attendees for them to sign up to, can also keep the doors of communication open. More importantly, it provides you with a platform to talk about your products and services, your company news and developments and corporate event ideas. It can also introduce product offers and provide a link to your website content.

When producing your newsletter, choose your content carefully, so that it’s educational and useful, rather than just being a sales tool. To keep your audience interested, consider keeping promotional messages to a minimum and letting industry-led, educational content form the bulk of your newsletter. This also positions you as an authoritative and trustworthy expert, which makes your audience more likely to buy into your services and become a loyal customer.

Website content
Your company website is a powerful tool to keep your delegates engaged in your brand. It’s a good idea to update it soon after your conference. If your delegates were impressed with the event, they may want to visit your website afterwards to learn more about your products and services. Uploading engaging content about the conference to your website should keep your brand front of mind. Note, when creating your content, it’s also worth making sure it can be viewed on a mobile device.

You could:

  • Produce a news story about the conference and its success
  • Write a blog about some of the topics discussed at the conference. Blogs also provide another opportunity to post educational content, positioning your brand as a thought leader
  • Pose a conference-related question –ask attendees what their favourite part was, for instance. This shows customer interest, while giving you good feedback.
  • Upload a video of the conference. This could be filmed during the event, noting its highlights or revisiting a popular speaker or seminar

Social media
One of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to maintain communication with delegates is by using social media.

You can find and follow your delegates on Twitter and share industry-led content related to your conference to keep them interested in your brand. It’s also a quick and inexpensive way to promote your future corporate event ideas directly to them.

Social channels like LinkedIn also give you a voice and a space to discuss industry developments and create links to the content on your website.

Helping you to create a memorable and engaging conference
Conferences can be a fantastic tool for any business. They can be the perfect opportunity to spread awareness of your brand, position yourself as an industry leader, and facilitate effective networking opportunities before, during and after the conference. Contact CR Worldwide for expert advice and support.