Crawford & Company introduces smart working

Claims management and outsourcing solutions provider Crawford & Company has implemented a smart working programme across its UK operations.

Crawford Smarter Working is an initiative which introduces a new way of agile working at the firm, as employees in the UK will now be able to choose the location from which they work from as well as their working hours. By selecting the most appropriate working time and place for them, staff will be able to meet the specific demands of the day-to-day requirements of their role at Crawford, as well as affording them flexibility.

The introduction of the programme is in response to feedback from employees and an acknowledgement of the clear business value that can be generated by enhancing workforce agility.

The strategy also reflects the lessons learned from the adoption of remote working practices in response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, which demonstrated the organisation’s ability to not only both maintain and raise performance and service levels, but to also provide its employees with greater flexibility on how they manage their working day.

In addition, Crawford has put in place a clear set of parameters including a comprehensive employee guide, to ensure that all operational, client and regulatory requirements are adhered to under the initiative.

Lisa Bartlett, president of Crawford UK and Ireland, explained that the smarter working programme will enhance working practices, create flexibility and deliver a greater work-life balance for employees.

“It will empower our people to take greater ownership of their work by choosing the most effective way for them to fulfil their day-to-day tasks. This approach is designed to drive a change in mindset where work is regarded as a thing to do rather than a place to go. Our aim is to position Crawford as one of the most agile and progressive employers in the insurance sector,” she said.