Eco Eating: Go Veggie This November

In honour of November’s ‘Veg Pledge’ month, we thought it would be helpful to explore the benefits of encouraging eco eating at your place of business. Going veggie can benefit your health but also improve your carbon footprint. This can also be said for your business.

The following will show why encouraging eco eating at work could be beneficial in more than one way.

Eco Eating For Yourself

In recent years, being more environmentally friendly has taken the world by storm, not least because of the climate emergency but to take more of an active role in our health. Eating a mainly plant-based diet has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, oxidative stress in the body, inflammation and is said to help heart health.

As well as the health benefits, a veggie diet means producing 2.5 times fewer carbon emissions than a meat-based diet. You could save up to the equivalent of 6 months of emissions from a small family car. On top of that, it could save you money too. By shopping smartly, you could save money by cutting meat from your diet. Meat is one of the most expensive products on the supermarket shelves, by replacing it with loose vegetables you could save money, emissions and look after your health.

Eco Eating For Your Business

While eco eating could improve health individually, by introducing a veg pledge to your workplace, you can help ensure you are looking after your employees too. Introducing a vegetarian day at work could help boost employee wellbeing, which can help improve productivity.

Equally, improving your company’s carbon footprint could save money whilst making it more desirable to new employees. 35% of Gen Z members hoped to be meat-free by 2021. A day-to-day eco activity promoting eco eating or other climate positive messages creates an innovative workplace environment that appeals to potential employees. Additionally, it could help boost employee engagement through team building and healthy habits.

Some businesses, such as Stella McCartney’s, implement a ‘plant only’ workplace. Meaning employees aren’t allowed to bring in animal-based products to work. This is supplemented with free vegan lunches on certain days or every day in her London office. While such strict measures could put off some people, there can be no doubt about the effect of increasing their plant intake.

Shared Experience

Completing ‘veg pledge’ together will help team members to keep to their eco eating. Plus, the shared experience promotes positive company culture and morale. Other ways to show your appreciation of your employees is through rewards and recognition or social recognition. By showing you care and acknowledging employee successes gives staff more incentive to work hard rather than coast. Employee engagement will be improved through other perks at work too. The better the workplace environment and the more you value wellbeing gives employees more reason to stay long-term. Whether through eco eating or offering other healthy habits at work, safeguarding your team can simultaneously help your business and employees.

Promoting eco eating this November could help your staff individually but also your business as a whole. For eco or health reasons, increasing your plant intake can improve many aspects of people’s lives.

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