Employee engagement: 5 tips to support your employees to feel more engaged while working remotely during COVID

COVID continues to have a big impact on the workplace and on wellbeing at work. Organisations are still working through the many challenges of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, many of whom are working remotely and having to juggle a new set of work and home priorities. The isolation from colleagues and some of the usual support that is available in the workplace has heightened these challenges.

The provision of world-leading digital mental health support, such as that available from SilverCloud, can play an important role in supporting employees, but to maximise its impact it should be coupled with positive, proactive employee engagement.

In this recent blog, we explored some of the ways in which organisations can support their workforce to feel more engaged whilst they are working remotely. As well as exploring the issue and making the business case for why employee engagement matters, we provide five top tips that could help you and your organisation.

Check out the blog here to find out more and get some practical help that could benefit your employees and your organisation today.