EXCLUSIVE: 91% want healthcare providers to improve employees’ mental health

EXCLUSIVE: Most respondents state they would like their healthcare provider to improve either their employees’ mental health (91%) or their physical health (84%), according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Employee Benefits/Health Shield Healthcare research 2019, which surveyed 202 HR decision makers and influencers, also found that a high proportion of organisations appear to be looking to their provider for support in providing education for employees, with 70% saying they would like a product to deliver meaningful content to support staff wellbeing, and 69% desiring help in increasing engagement with benefits.

Data is now available in such vast quantities that its use is rising up the agenda, and employers may be seeking support in obtaining meaningful analysis. This is reflected in the research, which found that 60% of respondents would like their provider to supply insights on the use of their benefits.

A further 48% would like an analysis of wellbeing strategy to be used to provide services to support their needs. Where data is used in such a way, it enables employers to offer a more tailored benefits strategy, which may lead to a better ROI.