Garmin introduces health and wellbeing app for 800 employees

Garmin introduces health and wellbeing app for 800 employees

Fitness technology organisation Garmin has introduced a health and wellbeing app for its 800 employees to support them through the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The organisation has partnered with Tictrac to give employees the chance to be more engaged and connected with their physical and mental health.

From January 2021, employees will be able to access the platform from any device and benefit from a range of personalised and interactive health plans, such as stress and heart rate advice. They can also participate in customised team fitness challenges, helping to build connections with their peers. In its most recent challenge launched this year, Garmin has seen nine teams across the organisation participate in a running, walking and hiking challenge to gain as many steps as they can within three weeks to win a donation prize that they would award to their chosen charity. 

In addition, employees have access to podcasts, videos and articles, educating them on how to better manage their fitness and engage in more physical activity.

Jörn Watzke, senior director global business development at Garmin Health, said: “Finding new and impactful ways to maintain a healthy workforce is a challenge, and even more so when teams are working remotely or in different countries, so to find the right solution for this was critical to us.

“Alongside having a platform that delivers a seamless user experience, it also creates bespoke, engaging and differentiated content that will truly help our employees to meet and exceed their health and wellbeing goals. For us, it is important to recognise the efficiency and benefits of a combined offer from Tictrac and Garmin, and the support this provides to employees in improving their wellbeing.”