GettaSub is focused on helping the financial wellbeing of the UK workforce, we enable your employees to pay bills on time, avoid late fees and cover that unexpected expense.

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GettaSub is a financial employee benefit program that enables employees to access short-term finance typically between 30-60 days via salary advance loans. Aimed to tackle the issue of over 53% of the UK population who require short-term finance to cover their monthly living costs. Our loans are there to help cover those unforeseen bills or everyday living cost in-between pay cycles.

Already, many organisations in the public and private sector have implemented GettaSub as part of their financial benefits offering for employees. However it’s not just the workers who benefit, your organisation will too! Our product is proven to have major impact on workplace productivity, reducing staff turnover and boosting morale. We pride ourselves on offering ethical borrowing which is deductible directly from employee salaries at zero risk to themselves or you as the employer.

We do not charge fees to borrowers or to employers for offering this service and our interest rates are fixed at just 5%. We cap all our loans to 25% of an employee’s net monthly salary, as we are focused around affordability, meaning our loans are designed to prevent people falling into debt.

It’s no secret that employee wellbeing is now top of the agenda for UK companies both large and small. devising a high-quality employee benefits programme is critical for retaining talent and attracting new talent.

We care about financial wellbeing because we believe hard-working people deserve to be stress-free when it comes to money.

Our Services and Benefits


  • Zero Risk – Getta Sub offered loans come at a zero risk to employers. We are regulated by the FCA and fully responsible for all loans processed
  • No Charge – Employers can offer the Getta Sub wage Advance loans as an employee benefit free of charge
  • Seamless Integration – We slot in seamlessly with your payroll system for salary deductions. With zero impact on the company cash-flow
  • Credit Types – All credit types can apply so this helps everyone and it does not affect employees credit scores
  • Employee Awareness – We provide all the internal marketing documents and work closely with the internal communications teams to promote Getta Sub as an employee benefit and partner of your company


  • No Fees – Nohidden costs, no late payments fees and all borrowers accepted regardless of your credit history (Unless you are bankrupt or entered into a IVA)
  • Easy Repayment – Deducted directly from your salary and paid back full at the end of the following month
  • Flexible access to Money – Loans paid directly into account or accessible directly through 1000’s of UK cash machines
  • Once approved, Always approved – No need to apply every time you need a wage advance, have instant access to loan 24/7 (subject if you stay with an employer that offer the GettaSub Program)



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