Government launches pilot to boost pay transparency

salariesThe UK government is piloting an initiative whereby participating employers will be asked to include salaries in job adverts in an attempt to reduce the gender pay gap.

The pilot is aimed at improving pay transparency and enable women to negotiate pay on a fairer basis.

Organisations which take part will be asked to publish salary details within job adverts and to not ask applicants about their salary history during the recruitment process.

The government has acknowledged that it can sometimes be challenging to include pay information on job adverts, as some employers do not have agreed pay scales. To combat this, organisations will work with ministers to develop a methodology that can then be rolled out across others.

Baroness Stedman-Scott, minister for women, said: “We believe that increased pay transparency will build on positive evidence of the role information can play when it comes to empowering women in the workplace. It is essential that we keep women at the forefront of the levelling up agenda as we recover from the pandemic and rebuild together.”

In addition, the government will launch a returner’s programme to help women back into science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) careers. Its aim is to help organisations to recruit and retain staff who can be overlooked because of a gap on their CV, and will provide training, development and employment support to those who have taken time out from their Stem careers.

“Supporting skilled women to return to Stem careers after care leave, will keep talented minds in Stemto  and improve the representation of women and marginalised communities in those incredibly important roles.”