offers $5,000 to relax in a bath

Something for the weekend: Do you love to soak your troubles away in a bath after a hard day’s work? Well, look no further, as hotel chain, conscious of the fact that tubs in hotel rooms appear to be dying out, has created the coveted position of a bath boss and will pay you for the privilege.

The organisation’s website stated that it is accepting applications for self-proclaimed claw-foot connoisseurs ready to soak to the point of prune to embark on a trip to three hotels in New York City (NYC). They would get to experience the ultimate ‘Tour de Tub’, all to bring awareness to the cause of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing in water for long and sometimes questionable amounts of time.

The bath boss position comes with six nights at three different NYC hotels, each equipped with a luxurious tub, $5,000 (£3,647) for all that hard, sudsy work, a $1,000 (£730) travel stipend, plush bath accessories, custom robe, slippers and an eye mask for the ultimate hotel experience. All that’s missing are some candles, soothing music or a good book to banish your bath blues for good.

In order to snag this exciting role, all you have to do is head to the website and tell the business exactly what makes you a bath boss. The team wants to know about applicants’ passion for a good soak in a hotel tub and what master bath boss qualifications you possess in order to be deemed worthy of letting your cares slip away down the plughole.

According to the website, this is a prime example of what the team is looking for in terms of rub-a-dub-dub knowledge: “In all my years of experience soaking in hotel bathtubs, I have learned that not all hotel baths are created the same. I am so committed to bathing that I have bathed in a questionable motel while traveling. My favorite hotel bath was the Dominick Hotel because it was so big that I swam a few laps. My non-negotiable bath accessories include wine, another glass of wine, and probably just the entire bottle because they really make me relaxed AF.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we are no strangers to enjoying a long and relaxing soak in the tub and find this position very inviting. Don’t burst our bubble (bath)!