How employee benefits can make an even bigger impact on Black Friday

Originating in the U.S, Black Friday is now a worldwide event and rapidly gaining popularity in the UK and other countries every year. So, wherever your teams are based they’ll most likely get themselves a deal on Black Friday, whether it’s a treat for themselves or a loved one or even a few festive presents.

In the run up to Black Friday, you might find yourself or people you know holding off on buying something in the hopes of grabbing a bargain.

In 2019, $7.4 billion was spent in the U.S on Black Friday according to data from Adobe.

So, what’s the significance of this for HR and benefits professionals? Well, some employee benefits can help employees get even more out of Black Friday, while Black Friday may also make you think about how you reward employees in the run up to it too.

Employee Discounts Scheme

With your employee discount scheme, employees could get even further discounts on the ones already on offer on Black Friday.

Often, retailers will extend their Black Friday deals to start earlier or carry on further into the following week.

If your employee discount scheme allows employees to extend their savings on in-store and online promotions, be sure to communicate this well in advance and give your teams a reminder of the retailers included in your scheme.

In the run up to Black Friday, dig out a few exciting deals and let your employees know they could get even bigger discounts with your employee benefits.

If you’re looking for a wide-ranging, easy-to-use employee discount scheme, discover our Instant Discount scheme designed to make saving in-store or online quick, easy and simple for your employees.

The Technology Scheme

With the Technology Scheme, employees can spread the cost of their brand-new tech with no expensive credit costs or credit checks for them to worry about.

We’ve become more reliant on technology than ever before for connecting with friends and family, for work, education and entertainment.

Therefore, we need tech that suits our needs in terms of performance and features, which can come at a big initial cost.

So, if you’ve got your eye on a Black Friday deal on a brand-new laptop, you could not only save with your Black Friday discount but spread the cost too to make it even more affordable.

Making high quality tech more affordable and accessible to your employees, whether it be for themselves or their family, with the Technology Scheme is a hugely valuable benefit especially around Black Friday and the festive period.

Employee rewards

Seasonal promotions like Black Friday can help your rewards make an even bigger impact.

In the run up to Black Friday, rewarding with gift vouchers at stores that are participating in the promotions could be highly effective.

Handing out rewards like these can be done quickly, easily and effectively with a reward and recognition platform.

Through Reward and Recognition technology on our Salary Extras employee benefits platform, you can reward employees with monetary and non-monetary rewards that are highly relevant to both your business and your employees.

To find out more, take a look at what Reward and Recognition technology can do on our Salary Extras employee benefits platform.

Whether it’s Black Friday or any other seasonal promotion throughout the year, employee benefit schemes like employee discounts, the Technology Scheme and employee rewards can help your employees make the most of it. Vice-versa, these seasonal events can help your benefits make an even bigger impact.

Whether it’s helping your employees afford something they need or helping them treat themselves or their loved ones, make the most of Black Friday with your employee benefits this year!

If you want to learn more about these schemes and how they can be easily incorporated into one centralised employee benefits platform, take a look at our Salary Extras employee benefits platform options or get in touch today.