How to help staff combat stress

Stress is part of every day life – and there are some who really thrive under pressure – but how do you know when to help someone heading for burnout? Knowing your employees and how they work can help you to recognise the signs of distress, but there might be some tips and tricks you can encourage and implement to ensure staff are looking after themselves.

While the overall company culture can have an effect on how people handle situations at work, a line manager can set a good example for employees by promoting healthy habits.

Do your staff stay glued to their desks for the working day? Are they emailing you late at night and on holiday? Make sure they have down time during that 9-5 day – either taking a lunch break, or routinely getting away from their screen for a bit. Sending emails out of office hours, although sometimes necessary, might set unrealistic expectations for some employees. They might think you’re expecting them to answer during the evening, or at the weekend – even if you aren’t.

Our infographic gives some quick wins to recommend to your staff. From leaving your work at the office, to healthier eating and creating a more comfortable workspace – you might find that a few of these really do make a big difference.

Perhaps take a look at our free guide on health and wellbeing benefits – it might give you some inspiration to make a big change in your company.

Article 2 - combat stress infographic