Serving over six million employees from over 1,700 companies Incorpore is passionate about improving employee wellbeing and promoting the benefits of a more active lifestyle

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Established in 2001, Incorpore is the leading provider of corporate health club memberships to employee benefit and healthcare markets in the UK and Ireland. By offering a wide choice of clubs, employees are more likely to join the club they really want – closest to home or work. The company will benefit from this increased take-up of gym memberships by having a more active, productive, profitable and happier workforce.

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Our range of products are designed to encourage employees to be more active promoting a healthier lifestyle and offering them the best possible savings whilst doing so.

  • GymFlex is a salary sacrifice scheme with the company paying for the annual gym membership and adjusting salaries accordingly. You may also run this as a net pay scheme if desired. The employee benefits from the discounted “paid up front annual corporate rate” plus any additional national insurance savings. Membership options are viewed and selected via the GymFlex website. You choose the frequency of the enrolment windows (annual, quarterly or anytime), but please keep in mind all memberships are for 12 months.
  • My Gym Discounts is a self-paid gym membership scheme with the employee paying the club directly. It is a perfect fit for a voluntary benefit scheme. Discounts are available on a variety of contracts, meaning employees don’t necessarily need to commit to a 12-month agreement. Simply download a voucher from our website and exchange it for a discount at the gym.
  • My Active Discounts is the latest service from Incorpore, enabling employees to save money on health, wellbeing and active lifestyles. There are savings available on fitness trackers, spa breaks, holidays, nutritional supplements, health food deliveries, home gym equipment, big sports clothing brands, outdoor running events and unique independent suppliers. Savings vary depending on the supplier but some offer nearly 50% off their RRP!