Employees want to snooze on the job

News that nearly half of office workers would willingly swap their lunch break for an afternoon nap may encourage employers to offer sleep-inducing perks, such as bean bags or pillows, in the workplace.

Of the 1,000 employees surveyed by website Dealjungle.com, 46% believed that a nap at lunchtime would improve their productivity in the afternoon.

The majority of respondents believed that productivity dipped in the afternoon, with 2:45pm being the time most identified as the start of the post-lunch slump.

However, just over a quarter (26%) believed that a nap at lunchtime would have a negative effect on their output.

More than a third (37%) of those polled were prepared to sacrifice all breaks in order to reduce their working hours either in the morning or the afternoon.

A spokesperson for Dealjungle.com said: “For many people, modern life is extremely hectic and the pressures of family work and commitments often mean that sleep is a luxury most cannot afford.

“The idea of an afternoon nap may sound childish, however, if it has the potential to increase productivity then it is an option which must be seriously considered. Think about it, how many of us religiously take our allotted lunch break?

“If we were to put aside just 30 minutes for a quick snooze in the corner we would be saving ourselves not only time, but also improving our health and wellbeing at work.”

In order for workplace snoozing to be effective, employers would have to provide employees with beds, quiet rooms or pods. After all, in many workplaces, employees have nowhere to rest their heads, except perhaps on their colleagues shoulders. 

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