Sheep could take our jobs

Something for the weekend…

Take that woolly jumper off and hide your lamb chop lunch because your next colleague could be a sheep.

Paris City Hall has installed a small flock of sheep to mow the lawn at the capital’s gardens, instead of noisy and intrusive lawnmowers.

The employee ewes, who hail from an island off the Brittany coast, are chowing down on the grass outside of the Paris Archives building.

The initiative was inspired by a handful of French private organisations that have been hiring sheep and goats to act as lawnmowers for some time.

Sheep, who struggle to clock off and are often known to be oblivious of their working hours, take flexible-working hours to a whole medium-to-well-done level.

Let’s hope that the new craze doesn’t catch on across the pond, otherwise all our jobs may be outsourced to ovines.