Gary Moss: Internal and external brands must align

We work with many blue-chip organisations, and the alignment of internal and external values is always an issue for them. A number of employers invariably ask why value alignment matters and if yes, why?

Gary Moss

Our response is simple: of course it matters. This is because the ’insides’ of organisations inevitably leak out. By this, we mean that an organisation’s internal values always manifest themselves externally, which is why employers must practice what they preach internally, as well as within the market they operate. 

Employers might get away with misalignment for a while, but if they don’t align their values, they will spring leaks, with the inevitable consequence of damage to their brand and employee reputation.


Aligning internal values with external values is a no-brainer. Employers that get it right will see their business thrive.

Recent research by Harvard and Gallup found that aligned organisations deliver twice the market share, 38% less absenteeism and 18% more productivity.

The key to getting it right is based on one simple belief: that everyone is a brand builder, from marketing and operations to HR and finance. There are no exceptions.

We can no longer say one thing to our customers while rewarding and recognising different things internally. This has an impact on the business, as consumers desert the brand and employees increasingly want to work for those that align with their own values.

Employee satisfaction

Alton Towers, part of Merlin Entertainments, which successfully floated last year, was bottom of both its customer and employee satisfaction leagues six years ago. They it aligned its values, and now it is at the top of both leagues.

Internal and external values therefore have to be aligned, because success in one leads to success in the other. 

Gary Moss is chairman of Brand Vista