MetLife launches wellness programme for staff

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Employee benefits provider MetLife has launched a wellness programme for its 400 UK staff.

The scheme. which has been developed based on staff feedback, will be launched with a dedicated wellness week from 13-17 April.

Through the programme, which is provided by Axa PPP Healthcare, staff will be offered individual health consultations on issues such as cholesterol and body mass index.

The programme also has a dedicated support service called Wellbeing Hub, which includes an Employee Health Gateway to help employees calculate their own ‘health age’ and receive personalised health and wellness information online.

In addition, the wellness week will include a range of seminars and advice on health issues, as well as massages and free gym passes. Staff will also be able to attend talks sessions on resilience, mindfulness, office yoga and smoothie taster sessions

The final event of the week will be is a healthy group walk from Canary Wharf to London Bridge and from Brighton to Hove.

Tom Gaynor, employee benefits director at MetLife UK, said: “Wellness cannot be truly at the heart of our proposition if we do not embrace it as an organisation. In order to achieve our aim of being a market-leading insurer, we need to also be a market-leading employer.

“That is why we’ve launched the wellness week and wider programme [because] we strongly believe that healthy employees are happy employees and that everyone should have access to wellness at work.

“Practical programmes to help improve employees’ mental and physical health create foundations for organisations to grow strongly, which is where employee benefits programmes can play a major role.”