Punter Southall integrates wearable technology with income protection


Punter Southall Health and Protection Consulting (PSHPC) is to distribute and administer the first group income protection product linked to wearable technology.

The product from the organisation’s Havensrock brand brings employee wellness and traditional income protection together. It is offered in partnership with Aviva.

It also aims to engage all staff in a personal heath programme, with each receiving a Fitbug Orb, a wearable device that tracks movement and sleep patterns.

Employees will also have access to annual, non-evasive, confidential and clinical health MOTs using an interactive workplace health kiosk from Wellbeing People. The kiosk records general health indicators such as blood pressure, hydration level, body mass index (BMI), weight, and resting heart rate.

Staff then receive an email or printout of their health MOT results, which is automatically added to their personal online health portal, alongside readings from their FitBug Orb, and any other information they include. The portal also allows users to seek health and wellbeing advice or further information.

Employees using the product are also offered discounted gym membership via Aviva. Discounts are dependent on the gym and its location.

Employers will receive anonymised management information and collated data from employees using the programme, which can be used to inform heath and wellbeing strategies.

Staff can also access serious illness care provided by nurse advisers from RedArc.

John Dean (pictured), managing director of PSHPC, said: “For the first time with Havensrock, income protection is wellness-enabled.

“Like more traditional policies, it still provides financial help for members who are too ill to work, but it is also uniquely based on employee wellness, education and engagement to proactively improve workplace health and reduce sickness absence.

“With Havensrock Protection, the whole workforce can benefit from its health aspect straightaway, making it a much more valued employee benefit.

“But if employees do become too ill to work, they are still financially supported as with other group income protection policies.

”In addition, dedicated serious illness support plus an employee assistance programme, provide the practical and emotional help that long-term sick employees can really benefit from.

“It is important to note that employee participation is completely voluntary and will not impact on benefits provided. No personal data is available for employers and employees’ private data is secure.

“The product empowers staff to take notice of their own wellbeing. We wanted to put prevention on an even level with cure.”