EXCLUSIVE: Hologic launches online financial education programme

EXCLUSIVE: Global healthcare and diagnostics organisation Hologic has introduced a new online financial education programme for its 320 UK-based staff.

The financial education programme, provided by Nudge, has been launched via a series of webinars and personalised online notifications or ‘nudges’ to employees across the organisation’s Crawley, Manchester, and West Lothian sites.

The programme launched today (6 April 2017) to coincide with the start of the 2017-2018 tax year.

The new programme integrates with Hologic’s existing employee benefits platform, and delivers personalised online notifications that are based on an individual’s life events, benefits selection, and interests, as well as any organisational or legislative changes that may impact employees.

Staff will also have access to financial education articles and information on more than 800 topics, including budgeting, childcare, debt, mortgages, travel money, and planning a wedding.

Fezzah Ali, reward and benefits at Hologic, said: “As a business we have a global mission to enable healthier lives that we call ‘the science of sure’. We understand that investing in our employees is just as critical to our ongoing success and ultimately to the ability of Hologic to live up to this mission.

“Our wellness programme is designed to provide opportunities for employees and their families to make wellness a priority. Providing support that helps our people manage and improve all aspects of their own wellbeing, including financial wellbeing, not only enables them to live healthier lives but it also makes sound business sense by improving our productivity levels.

“The start of the new tax year isn’t a date that most employees consider important to them, but there are a whole host of changes that impact on personal finances from take home pay, to pensions and savings, inheritance and childcare.”