Greatest pay growth rates for junior HR staff

Junior HR staff have seen their salaries increase at a faster rate over the past ten years than more senior HR employees, such as HR managers and HR directors. These findings are drawn from data collated in two ongoing surveys – Management rewards and also Directors rewards – carried out by Croner Reward at three-year intervals. A comparison of the data shows that HR officers have seen a 46% increase in their salaries between 1997 and 2006, with their average annual pay increasing from £18,117 to £26,406. HR directors at board level with responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the function have seen the next largest percentage increase in pay, with salaries increasing 42% in the same ten-year period from £47,351 to £67,010. HR managers, who are categorised as senior management, have fared the worst with only a 35% increase in salary from £28,775 to £38,832. Salary levels for all roles analysed, however, have increased at a faster rate than inflation, meaning all HR professionals are better off now than they were ten years ago.

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