Grass Roots upgrades retail voucher product

Grass Roots has upgraded its retail voucher product, voucher4me, so that employees can mix and match the vouchers they purchase. Prior to the upgrade, employees that took the benefit through a flexible benefits scheme could only buy vouchers from one retailer each time they made a purchase.

Andy Lister, head of employee benefits at Grass Roots, claimed that this is the first time employees have been able to buy a variety of vouchers in one go. “We have produced a more flexible approach to buying retail vouchers that allows people to change their voucher mix on a monthly or weekly basis,” he added.

Staff are required to either go online to a secure account provided by Grass Roots, or contact a call centre to buy the retail vouchers.

Employers must sign up for the voucher4me programme for a period of 12 months, during which time staff will have unlimited access to the Grass Roots website which will explain the different retail vouchers on offer. The upgraded product is free to employers that already have the Grass Roots voucher4me benefit up and running in a flex scheme.