KPMG uses two annual employee engagement surveys

Accountancy firm KPMG uses two annual internal employee surveys to assess staff engagement levels and the effect benefits have on this.

One survey analyses engagement levels, while the other focuses on benefits. In the future, the firm plans to combine the two to gain a better idea of the relationship between benefits and engagement.

Samantha Gee, head of reward at KPMG, explains: “We have questions that centre around engagement in our annual employee survey and we compare these year-on-year to locate movement [in engagement levels]. What we haven’t done yet is to link the two [surveys] together.” Although KPMG relies on pay and benefits to encourage engagement among staff, these are just part of the equation. KPMG also uses its entry to the Sunday Times’ Top 100 companies to work for to benchmark its engagement levels against other employers. “They always ask about engagement and it is useful to get an external benchmark,” adds Gee.