Marriott International benefits go a la carte in Asia

EXCLUSIVE: Marriott International is to launch a semi-flexible, a-la-carte benefits plan in Asia to improve its employee value proposition (EVP) in the region.

Speaking at Employee Benefits Live Asia in Singapore in August, Jim Pilarski, chief human resources officer Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa at Marriott International, said the hotel chain faced the conundrum of having a highly-engaged workforce in Asia and an excellent EVP perception, both internally and externally, but with high staff turnover rates and anecdotal exit interview comments that were inconsistent with empirical data.

Focus groups showed staff considered Marriott a good company to work for. “But staff were seeking a clearer, faster, broader career path,” said Pilarski. “Work-life balance was a top consideration and there was a perception that other employers paid more.”

Marriott launched total reward in March and published a statement on ‘What we believe in’. A programme of semi-flexible, a-la-carte benefits will focus on individual needs.

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