Telefonica launches first phase of auto-enrolment communications

EXCLUSIVE: Telefonica has launched the first phase of its auto-enrolment communications campaign, focusing on the non-members of its pension scheme.

The campaign, which is part of a package of communications services from Caburn Hope, will include a second phase later in 2012.

The telecommunications firm has 6,000 employees, with around 50% in its defined contribution (DC) pension scheme, which has been in place since 2001. The firm also offers two defined benefit (DB) pension schemes that were closed to new joiners the same year.

The Caburn Hope package includes a crafted communications plan, visual graphics and its style and content.

Telefonica’s auto-enrolment staging date is 1 March 2013. Communication to staff is taking place this year in an effort to start education on the changes as early as possible.

Joanna Udall, pensions manager at Telefonica, said: “We began thinking about this at the start of the year, in part, to ensure our employees who are going to be auto-enrolled understand as much as possible about what is happening.”

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