CO2-emissions limit top driver of car choice

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents cited a carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions limit as the top criteria for employee’s company car choice, according to research by GE Capital’s fleet services division.


Its Company car trends research, which surveyed 200 fleet decision makers, found that other criteria included the car’s fitness for purpose (52%), the maximum monthly rental or cost (51%), the car’s cost per mile (18%), brand image (17%), safety features (16%) and maximum engine capacity (15%).

Only 6% of respondents do not use any criteria for an employee’s choice of company car.

The figures have changed only slightly since the 2013 research, where 67% of respondents cited CO2-emissions limit, 59% cited fitness for purpose and 50% cited maximum monthly rental or cost.

Gary Killeen, fleet services commercial leader at GE Capital UK, said: “The company car choices that organisations are making in 2014 remain very much based on providing cars that are tax and fuel-efficient thanks to their low-CO2 rating, are practical for fleet purposes, and can be acquired in a cost-effective manner through a defined monthly rental.

“We may be heading towards better economic conditions, but the fleet industry’s general mindset shows no signs of significantly changing.”