32% of London workers are motivated by non-monetary benefits

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Around a third (32%) of workers in London are most motivated by non-monetary benefits, selecting them as a key differential when looking for work, according to research by NGA Human Resources.

The study, which surveyed 1,500 people working full-time in UK-based organisations, also found that around three-quarters (76%) of Londoners say salary is a priority.

The research also found:

  • 17% of respondents from Wales are likely to demand travel and health insurance from their employer.
  • Half (50%) of respondents are likely to ask for a generous holiday allowance.
  • 58% of London-based respondents are most likely to seek pension provision, and 17% are most likely to seek discount schemes, such as gym membership, from their employer.

Ian Dowd, marketing director at HR services firm NGA Human Resources, said: ”Our research highlights the differences between employees in London and those elsewhere in the country. There have been some big surprises to us all, which is why employers need to take regional differences seriously.

“This flexibility will be key to keeping employees motivated up and down the country. It’s important to take these differences into account when creating and developing your HR strategies to ensure they reflect your workforce’s needs.

“We would urge employers to engage with employees, on a local level, to find out exactly what they need to stay motivated.”