Employee builds plane to travel to work


Something for the weekend: For most employees, a 15-minute drive sounds like a dream commute for a simple 10-mile journey. However Czech locksmith Frantisek Hadrava fancied a more high-flying mode of transport to get to work, opting to build his own plane instead.

The ultra-light Vampira plane, which took two years to build, cuts Hadrava’s commute in half as he can now whiz to work for a 6am start in a speedy five to seven minutes, parking his personalised plane with an open cockpit in the meadow opposite the factory where he works in Ckyne.

In the plane, Hadrava can cruise at a maximum of 91 miles per hour, with the propeller of the plane powered by a three-cylinder engine.

Hadrava said: “It takes me about 12 to 14 minutes by car. By plane, it would take around four to five minutes if I flew directly, but I take a bit of a detour so that I don’t disturb people early in the morning. So it takes about seven minutes.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we’re wondering whether salary sacrifice plane schemes will be introduced any time soon and, if so, whether the office roof counts as a designated parking space…