Integrated Project Systems launches online absence management system

Integrated Project Systems (IPS) has launched an online absence management tool designed to increase business efficiency by helping organisations to track absence records more effectively. 

The launch of gives managing directors, HR departments, line managers, and individual staff members 24/7 access to holiday and sickness entitlement, allowing strategic planning for department leave and employee holiday booking.

The software follows the traditional process of sickness notification and holiday request forms but with none of the delays, misplaced paperwork or communications breakdowns. The entire process is automated, calculating absence by hours or days as appropriate, and ensuring that all members of the approval process have instant access to the latest information.

Lee Porter, business development manager at IPS, said: “Our research tells us that absence management problems and inconsistencies begin to appear in companies employing over 70 staff, and that managing absence is a major drain on time and resource for companies with between 100 and 500 staff. is a cost-saving way of clawing back that time and creating a more efficient process.”

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