Center Parcs pilots incentives for saving energy

Center Parcs has launched a Home Energy Pilot scheme offering financial incentives to encourage its 6,000 employees to reduce the amount of gas, water and electricity they use in their homes.

Employees that opt into the scheme are given an electricity smart meter to record electricity consumption.

Water and gas use is monitored by employees taking photographs of their meter readings.

The organisation will match any savings made by employees in cash. The staff member who makes the biggest reduction in energy consumption will be given £7,000 to spend on home improvements related to sustainability.

The scheme be piloted for 12 months.

Martin Dalby, chief executive at Center Parcs UK, said: “Protecting and enhancing the environment in which our business operates has been part of our ethos since the very beginning.

“We’ve now taken this one step further and extended it beyond our four UK villages to give our 6,000 employees the chance to do the same in their own homes and be rewarded for it.”