Edenred launches webinars for working parents

Edenred has launched a series of webinars for working parents as the latest addition to its Parent Hub.

The hub, which was launched in September 2012, is an online advice channel for employers to offer to working parents.

The content of the new webinars is based on feedback from working parents about the key parenting issues on which they would like to have more advice and support. The webinars are held live at lunchtimes and hosted on the site afterwards so that all users can take advantage of the subject matter.

The first issue to be tackled in the webinars is sleep, which topped a wish list of subjects to cover submitted by more than 400 working parents.

Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director at Edenred, said: “Parent Hub has a very clear objective: to give working parents better access to advice on parenting issues.

“By delivering a free online advice channel as part of our childcare voucher service, employees are able to get that support from a trusted source at work or at home.

“For employers, at a time when working parents face increasing pressures in work-life balance, the access to advice on Parent Hub can help reduce the impact of parenting issues, which may impact on their performance at work.

“Our first webinar on sleep was well received, with the audience rating it 4.8 out of five for relevance. We’ll be building on this with a full webinar programme in the New Year.”