Peer 1 staff get gift-wrapping service

Web hosting provider Peer 1 is offering staff a free professional gift-wrapping service at its Southampton headquarters today.

The organisation’s 60 employees have been allowed to do their Christmas shopping online at work with presents delivered to the office.

The gift-wrapping service, provided by Happy Wrapping Services, will be available free of charge from 10am on 7 December. The company anticipates 200 presents will be wrapped.

Dominic Monkhouse, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) managing director and senior vice president of customer experience at Peer 1, said: “Every boss knows it’s a pain for people to juggle the busy last weeks at work before the end of the year with the time-consuming job of Christmas shopping.

“They also know staff will spend time at work doing their Christmas shopping online and take time off to meet couriers at home, so why ignore it?

“We want to make things easier so our employees can get back to concentrating on their jobs.”