PMI popular for expatriate employees

When considering benefits packages for staff overseas, private medical insurance (PMI) was the most popular option, cited by nearly a third (32%) of respondents to research by international healthcare provider Expacare.

Its research, Anatomy of an international business, found that share options (30%) and relocation allowance (24%) were also popular benefits for expatriates.

Beverly Cook, managing director at Expacare, said: “When organisations look to move overseas it is crucial that they look after their most important assets, their staff.

“It, therefore, makes especially pleasing reading to see that organisations see international private healthcare cover as a priority in their expansion process. This will ensure that employees have the right healthcare package in place so that they are not left vulnerable should the worst happen.

“Employers should check the small print because a one-size-fits-all package will not fit everyone. In particular, those moving abroad need to consider their own health, as well as their families’, when they relocate.”