Kronos staff rewarded for using wearable technology

Workforce management solutions organisation Kronos operates a number of policies across its global organisation to enable staff to engage with its wellbeing programme, including the offer of rewards for staff using wearable technology.


These rewards include lower insurance premiums for US-based staff and wellness prizes, which could include wearable devices themselves. 

Staff simply have to upload their recent activity from their devices to the organisation’s wellness portal, where each employee has a personalised profile to accumulate the points required for rewards. 

Greater engagement

The policy has resulted in greater employee engagement in Kronos’s health and wellbeing programme .

Neil Pickering, director at Kronos UK, says: “By encouraging and incentivising employees to exercise more to earn points, it enables them to keep healthy on their terms and gain rewards in the process.

“Since we allowed employees to use wearable devices, we have had greater engagement from staff, and employees are now more conscious about their health. We believe wearable technology will take off in the workplace.”

Walking programme

Kronos has introduced a global walking programme to put its wearable devices to good use. Each week, the organisation sets a weekly step goal for staff, which is monitored by their devices. 

Pickering adds: “Our entire executive team is currently testing health and wellness devices to see how we can improve our programme .

“We are also looking to example other areas where wearable technology could be used in the workplace to improve safety, productivity, compliance and collaboration.”