28% of civil service staff satisfied with pay and benefits


Civil Service employees’ satisfaction with their pay and benefits has fallen for the fourth consecutive year, according to the Civil Service people survey

It found that only 28% of the 274,080 respondents were satisfied with their pay and benefits in 2014, a fall from 29% in 2013.

Satisfaction with reward in the Civil Service has slowly decreased since 2009 when it was rated satisfactory by 37% of employees.

The survey also found that only 29% feel their pay reflects their performance.

When benchmarking pay and benefits to people doing a similar job in other organisations, the survey found that less than a quarter (24%, down from 25%) felt their pay was reasonable in comparison to similar positions elsewhere.

In addition, nearly a third (32%) of respondents are satisfied with the total benefits package offered.

The survey also found:

  • 59% are proud to tell others they are part of the civil service.
  • 48% feel a strong personal attachment to the organisation.
  • 45% feel the civil service inspires them to do the best in their job.
  • 43% believe it motivates them to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

This is an area of employee engagement for all individual measures that have improved scores on 2013.

It also found that the number of employees that would recommend the civil service as a great place to work has increased from 45% in 2013 to 49% in 2014.