Uber launches reward programme for US staff


Cab service firm Uber has launched a reward programme for its drivers in the US.

The programme, called Momentum, aims to help keep drivers healthy, grow the business and reduce overall operating costs.

Drivers have been given access to benefits including vhelp finding health insurance and discounts on phone bills, as well as car repairs.

The scheme will offer up to 18% discounts on personal smartphones, discounts of 15% at specified auto-repair stores and the ability to work with a third-party adviser in finding which health insurance plan is best suited to an individual.

Drivers can access the benefits via their mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

The launch is part of the organisation’s drive to attract and retain employees despite previously offering no benefits or guaranteed pay. Its drivers are considered contractors, rather than employees, meaning they can work flexible hours but receive no benefits or protection.

The scheme is currenetly only available in the US but there could be plans to offer a similar scheme in the UK.

An Uber spokesperson said: “We greatly value our driver partners and are always looking for ways to enhance their experience with the Uber platform.

“This is just the beginning of Momentum, and there are many more exciting and meaningful driver rewards to come.”