Employee Benefits Awards 2013: Grand Prix winner

Winner: BMW (UK)

Scheme: Stress Management Programme – Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

BMW was a clear winner for this award for its work in tackling a highly sensitive and often stigmatised issue. The judges commended the organisation for the steps it has taken to support employees’ mental wellbeing, including the foundation of a discreet, on-site therapy room that is available for all staff free of charge and with no need for doctor’s referrals.

Stress management workshops for all employees, as well as more targeted sessions for senior management, are aimed at raising awareness of the issue and the support mechanisms available.

As a result, BMW has seen a significant fall in the number of employees making claims for psychological disorders through its private medical insurance scheme.


The judges said: “[We] loved this employer’s bravery is tackling a highly sensitive subject head-on to support its employees, and thought the scheme could become a workplace stress management programme benchmark.”

The winner said: “We are quite unique in having this type of offering. Very few organisations have taken that capability on site open to all, regardless if it is a work-related condition or not.”
Brian Cunningham, general manager – insurance, BMW (UK)