City Health Care Partnership launches salary sacrifice car scheme

City Health Care Partnership Community Interest Company (CHCP CIC) has added a salary sacrifice car scheme to its flexible benefits scheme.

The Flextra scheme, provided by Tusker, forms part of the organisation’s commitment to provide cost and carbon-efficient travel in delivering community healthcare services in line with its corporate sustainability programme.†

It will enable the community healthcare organisation’s employees to select cars with a carbon cap of up to 150g/km in return for a proportion of their salary.

The scheme is open to all CHCP CIC employees, their spouses and immediate family members. It includes contingency provision for redundancy, resignation and maternity.

Flextra is provided in conjunction with NHS CPC Drive, a health service fleet management scheme that provides NHS Trusts with a range of fleet management services.

Jill Owen, benefits manager at CHCP CIC, said: “We selected Tusker because of its ability to provide us with an electronic scheme which is easy for our staff to use and to identify the cars they are eligible for though our own bespoke website.

“The Flextra car scheme, which is a voluntary scheme, has been communicated to all staff through the use of posters, flyers and a launch emailer.

“Ultimately, we expect all of our essential car users to migrate to this scheme as their existing cars come up for renewal. We also expect, over time, that all of our grey fleet drivers will switch to the Flextra car scheme.”

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