EXCLUSIVE: Gatwick Airport adds extra enrolment periods to promote bikes for work

Gatwick Airport has added extra enrolment periods to encourage staff to take up its bikes-for-work scheme.

The scheme, which was launched in July 2011 with Evans Cycles, was opened again in October 2011, and will open in March for further enrolment.

Evans Cycles’ representatives were on hand at the airport’s two canteens to answer questions during the July and October enrolment periods. They will also host a roadshow in March.

Vanessa Cammell, HR advisor at Gatwick Airport, said: “Sometimes it can be quite hard to explain how the scheme works in terms of the tax implications, so it was great having that face-to-face.”

The scheme is part of Gatwick Airport’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) profile, aiming to reduce carbon emissions. Since the majority of the 2,500 staff are security officers in physical roles, the scheme is also aimed at promoting health and wellbeing.

Gatwick Airport is also hoping to add in more cycle facilities at the workplace, such as parking spots, showers and lockers.

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