Technical support offers cost savings for fleets

Employers could achieve the greatest fleet savings (39%) by improving technical support, such as automating car-servicing arrangements and specifying a partner garage for repairs, according to a review by LeasePlan.

Its review of more than 133,000 company cars found that employers could save more than £50 million, an average of £400 per car.

It also found that a further 20% of savings could be achieved by changing an organisation’s policy on replacement car types, and reducing off-road time through improved accident and fuel-management processes.

The review also found:

  • Finding the right funding approach for a fleet could also deliver significant savings (27%).
  • Optimising tax efficiency accounted for a further 12% of possible savings.

Matt Dyer, commercial director at LeasePlan UK (pictured), said: “In the current economy, cost is an increasing consideration for most organisations. As budgets tighten and tax incentives decline, many employers are looking for savings through their fleet policy.

“Optimising a fleet depends on a wide range of factors: the type of organisation, the cars involved, and the nature of usage.

“That means there are different savings available to every organisation. We found that construction companies typically benefited from better technical support savings, while tax efficiency was the key issue for the retail sector.

“Through continuous review, we have been able to identify savings running into hundreds of pounds per car and helped employers make those savings a reality. For organisations with a large fleet, this can have a significant impact on the bottom line.”