Future trends unveiled at Employee Benefits Connect


Employee benefits form a key pillar of any wellbeing strategy, so these need to evolve to meet the needs of the workforce today as well as the workforce of tomorrow.

In a session titled ‘Key employee trends in the future workplace’, Tim Jackson, head of marketing strategy at Unum, will discuss what employers need to consider to build robust wellbeing strategies, highlight trends in the workplace and how it is changing, and highlight the dangers of not keepng abreast of new trends.

Jackson said: “Employers will not only need to address the ageing workforce but every employee of today will have different needs to those just entering the workforce and benefits schemes will need to offer more flexibility and personalisation to be relevant to the five different generations that are now in the UK workforce.

“The session will give practical hints and tips on what employers should be thinking about and look to implement in order to make themselves an employer of choice.”

It will showcase the clear link between workplace wellbeing and employee motivation, productivity and loyalty. The session will also highlight that to make wellbeing work, employers need to know what their employees want and value, as well as the need to communicate wellbeing initiatives effectively.

Jackson added: “It is vital that delegates seek regular feedback from employees to ensure their initiatives remain relevant and effective. 

“Employee benefits are a tangible way for employers to show they value their staff. A robust wellbeing strategy should be based on the pillars of prevention, early intervention and protection. 

“Including financial protection, like income protection, as part of this benefits package is a smart business decision, which supports all three of these pillars.

“But this will only be successful if delegates reflect the needs of employees, communicate effectively and evolve the strategy with the key trends of the next 10-to-15 years which they should embrace alongside changing employee needs.”

Employee Benefits Connect 2015 will take place at the Lancaster London on 4 March.

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