Puppies help de-stress Australian workplaces

Uber and dogs

Something for the weekend…

Workplaces in Australia are being helped to de-stress and become more productive with the help of some furry friends.

On 25 February, Uber teamed up with Purina’s Pets At Work initiative and local animal shelters in eight Australian cities to offer employees the opportunity to cuddle a puppy for 15 minutes.

Australian employees could request to take part in the initiative by selecting the ‘Puppies’ option on the Uber app.

A $40 ‘cuddle fee’ will go towards supporting participating animal shelters’ search for new homes for their puppy residents.

The initiative follows Uber’s celebration of National Cat Day on 29 October 2015, when it ran an UberKITTENS initiative for workers across 50 cities in North America.

The Employee Benefits team is wondering when this warm and furry measure to combat stress and boost wellbeing in the workplace will be available for us to enjoy…