More employers offer tax-efficient benefits as part of flex

More than one-third (35%) of employers offer their staff tax-efficient benefits via salary sacrifice as part of a cohesive flex plan, according to the Employee Benefits/Towers Watson Flexible Benefits Research 2014

This compares with 12% in 2011, showing an increase in the number of employers using salary sacrifice to structure their flex plans.

More than half of respondents (56%) offer a formal flexible benefits scheme, either in the traditional formal sense or via a structured salary sacrifice plan. 

This is higher than the 45% of employers that did the same in 2011. This, coupled with the fact that 10% are considering introducing a scheme to their organisation reveals there is still a strong appetite for flexible benefits

A further 2% of employers are in the process of designing a flexible benefits plan. 

Just 5% of organisations have rejected the idea of flex and 6% have never considered introducing a scheme.


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