Myrianthe Ewington: Global mobility professionals much to think about

Despite the recent tough global economy, more and more organisations are moving their top talent around the globe in pursuit of new business or expansion in existing locations.

Myrianthe Ewington

As any global mobility professional knows, there is a higher workload when it comes to assignees, and also a greater risk. There are many aspects to consider, such as tax, immigration, removals and health insurance; no one person can be an expert in all fields. And with governments tightening up on compliance, it is more important than ever for organisations to track and monitor their assignees to ensure consistency and compliance.

Potential issue

Global mobility professionals need to be aware when there is a potential issue and when specific providers need to be directly involved. But not all issues require an expert and, to minimise costs, it is important to know when to use in-house knowledge or, perhaps, experience gained from a previous assignee. It’s all about getting the balance right.

A useful point of call is an employer’s industry network. Some of their industry peers may already have gone through a successful, or painful, provider selection process, and may have some top tips on what to ask and what to avoid.

Great insight

Any feedback should be taken on its own merit, allowing for bad experiences, which may taint an opinion, but on the whole this can provide a great insight into how the process should go and which the top providers are in the market.

When it comes to the formal request for proposals, it is really important for employers to obtain stakeholder engagement and to develop objective scorecards that clearly demonstrate the benefits each service provider offers, including potential cost savings. This will help sift through the sales pitches and will also help providers to tailor their proposals more effectively for an organisation.

Myrianthe Ewington is chapter and member services manager at the Forum for Expatriate Management