WWF conserves staff wellbeing

As a charitable organisation, WWF has had to develop a health and wellness strategy on a limited budget.

Initially, this took the form of a one-off week of activities, but has now developed into regular events.

Rachel Phillips, payroll and benefits specialist at WWF, says: “I try to do at least one or two activities each month, which could be anything from a nature walk to getting a therapist in to offer massages.”

The charity has also drawn on the particular abilities of its staff. One woman who practises tai-chi ran a series of lunchtime classes, and other employees include a sports therapist, a masseur, a karate instructor and a nutritionist.

Where possible, WWF links its health campaigns to wider initiatives, such as National Stress Awareness Day, and has also run in-house sessions on resilience provided by EnergiseYou. A local sports club also offers free health checks for WWF staff .