Michelin UK appoints pensions consultancy

The trustees of Michelin UK’s pension and life assurance plan have appointed a defined contribution (DC) consultant.†

Hymans Robertson will advise the trustees on investment and wider DC issues, and will refresh the communications strategy for the organisation’s DC and defined benefit (DB) pension schemes.

Chris Wood, chairman of the trustees for Michelin UK, said: “We want to ensure that we give our members as much support as possible in making the right decisions for their retirement.

“Hymans Robertson has worked with us to learn more about the attitude and understanding of our members, the outcomes they might expect from their current choices, and the enhancements we can make to our plan to ensure that it continues to meet our members’ needs in the future.

“It will also be supporting us in developing a new communications strategy, using a range of media, which will build directly on feedback from member focus groups.”

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