Saga saves on administration by using online payslips

Saga has introduced online payslips to increase efficiencies across the organisation.

Since the over-50s insurance, holidays and homecare organisation introduced the system in April 2011, it has noticed considerable time and cost savings, including two days saved every month by eliminating the need to product and distribute payslips manually.

Employees can log into the online payslip service, provided by Wealden Computing Services, from home, in the office or on a Smartphone by using a secure user name and password.

Gary Lukehurst, payroll and benefits manager at Saga, said: “Wealden has not only helped us to make significant time and cost savings, but it has improved our engagement with employees exponentially by providing staff with their payslips faster and more securely.†

“This is essential for meeting the needs of a traveling workforce and adapting nimbly to shifting trends in behaviour, such as more people using the internet at home.†

“As a large organisation and employer, we also believe we have a duty of care to the environment, and spotted the ideal opportunity with Wealden’s technology to move to a totally paperless, but equally efficient, payroll process.”

Hitesh Patel, managing director at Wealden Computing Services, added: “Electronic online payslips are the smart way to deliver, store and retrieve pay data quickly and securely.”

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